How to input Chinese characters in Adobe Illustrator

Using Chinese characters in Adobe Illustrator involves two main steps.

A. Use TwinBridge's Single-Byte Converter utility to create a single-byte True Type font. This font is limited to a maximum of 250 Chinese characters. In essence, it is a small Chinese font mapped to English keyboard/table.

  1. Launch the Single-Byte Converter utility in the lower left button of the Control Center. (Figure1)

(Figure 1)

  1. Click the Design button on the menu bar and select Create Single Byte True Type Front. (Figure 2)

(Figure 2)  

  1. Select a Chinese font in the Fonts list to display in you Adobe Illustrator document. (Figure 3)

(Figure 3)

  1. Type Chinese characters in the "Source Double Byte" text box (maximum: 250 characters). Please remember the name show in the "FaceName" field (in the example shown below: TBSB Chinese 10) for later use. (Figure 4) 

(Figure 4)

  1. Click the Convert button. A message indicating the completion of the conversion appears. Click OK.
  1. Note that the Chinese characters are mapped on the keyboard starting from the upper left Shift position. Click Exit to close this utility.

B. Input  Chinese characters in Adobe Illustrator using the single-byte True Type Font created.

  1. With Adobe Illustrator open, click the "T" button to create a text box for Chinese characters. (Figure 5)


(Figure 5)

  1. Select your font in Type/Font. In this example, your font is TBSB Chinese 10. (Figure 6)

(Figure 6)

  1. Press the "Shift" + "~, 1, 2, 3......" keys to input the desired Chinese characters. (Figure 7) If you need reference of the keyboard layout, you can also open the Single-Byte Converter.

(Figure 7)

For more information on the Single Byte Converter, please refer to Chapter 10 of your User's Guide.